And this is how my journey begins. I retired from a thirty year teaching career in June 2010. If you talk to my son or daughter, they’ll tell you I never retired. If you talk to my husband, he’ll tell you, I just changed jobs. If you talk to me, I’ll say, I did retire for a few months. Now when I meet people, I tend to say that I failed retirement. I was hired last year for what I call my dream job. I work part time as a reading intervention teacher at Sierra View Elementary School, in the Golden Valley School District.

Unofficially, my journey into writing began when I was a waitress while attending college. I remember writing stories on my orders to amuse the cooks. Laughing made the time go by just a little faster. My official journey into writing started in August of 2010. I saw an article in the Fresno Bee advertising membership in a writing for publication class. I jumped at the opportunity to see what it was all about. It was all about writing, critiquing, sharing and learning. This group has become a family of caring, intelligent, and supportive individuals. Each person brings their own special twist to stories and memoirs.

I have several irons in the fire. Some are hot and others have cooled. One project started out as a picture book and may some day turn into a potential series of stories based on the adventures of our dog, Kiwi. Another one soon to be published, is loosely based on a variety of conversations I remember having with my parents when I was young and again with kids growing up when faced with answers to questions about death.

Along with writing picture books, I write memoirs that have been published on our local newspaper. And, I signed my first writing contract with my writing partner, Anne Biggs. We created a curriculum guide for teachers in fourth grade to use with the literature book “Remembering the California Missions” by Janice Stevens and illustrated by Pat Hunter.

I recently joined a group of writers. We are all interested in writing picture books for children and chapter books for middle grade readers. We meet once a month, sharing, bonding and critiquing each others works.

And the journey continues.