I am not one to be preachy, but this picture taken yesterday evening is what I think of when I think of God. I see this and I think of God’s creations. Yes nature’s wonders with storms, hurricanes, and weather fronts might have a little to do with it but in my opinion it is all God. I see what He does for us. I think about my life. I sometimes wonder, does He hear me? But then I read a devotional like yesterday’s and yes He does. His words humble me the prayer at the end “Father, help me remember that the only way is down when I start thinking too highly of myself.” And “If you think you are standing strong, be careful not to fall” 1 Cor. 10:12

These remind me of where I am and what I need to think about. Yes I move forward but I do it with God’s help. These verses help me understand that yes God is here, yes he hears me, and yes he will answer when I am in need. Just don’t become over zealous and forget who I am.

To reinforce my feelings about loved ones now gone The Old Rugged Cross comes on and as I listen to the words and enjoy the music I know my father is very close and always will be. This was his favorite song, it still gives me chills, tears, and joy at the same time