Question I struggle with more and more is what happens when my plate is full?  Well I know when my plate starts getting too full I tend to just stop. Seriously, I just stop, as in writing,  sewing, crocheting, basically anything I truly enjoy goes on a back burner until I figure out how to move on. I have many jobs that must remain on my plate, Reading Lab, new teachers and BTSA are the essential on my list of must be done now. I am not complaining I really enjoy all of it.

I spent this past weekend visiting with cousins I haven’t seen in a while. The time was well spent. There was much laughter, a few tears shed, some reminiscing about our parents, and stories shared. During the afternoon, my cousin, Jill told me a story about one of her treasured stuffed animals.  Her story helped me shake the cobwebs out of the recesses of my brain. Once again my imagination soars!