Interesting mists and glares

13902695_10209727073804251_5494966545934769630_n[1]Kara Lucas, me and Karen Moore.CozsKWAUkAEgoNf[1]

Being a participant in my second summer conference was almost as good as my first summer conference. I only wish my poor body was excited about being at the Biltmore as my heart, spirit, and mind were. At the moment I am plagued by lower back and left hip problems. Oh and let’s not forget the ever popular diverticulitis recurrence. But putting my maladies aside, I traveled with my favorite writing buddies and we met some wonderful writers and illustrators and also made new friends. Not to mention attending some great sessions and listening to a few very inspiring key note speakers.
Believe or not but, I even had some time to write, and work on curriculum for some soon to be published books. Writing and teaching, just two of my favorite passions, were inspired by the atmosphere at the Biltmore.
And. . . I can’t forgot the evening of going on a ghost hunt. Did you know the Biltmore is haunted? We were on the ninth floor. This is one of the floors believed to be haunted by a young girl. We didn’t meet her or any other ghosts but, I am sure there were a few spirits in some of the pictures I took over the week end.