November 2016,

This has been a fantastic year.  Not only for me but for several of my writing buddies. Dreams have come true, adventures have been shared, champagne opened for celebrating along with a bit of Irish Whiskey!

Attending writing workshops, and conferences along with critique groups are ways that I feel I have been able to grow as a writer.

Some manuscripts are being put to rest for a while. Poor Kiwi, she keeps changing her story, changing her friends, and changing her problems along with coming up with new solutions. Her story is one I need to come back to with fresh eyes. I have others that are being tweaked, revised and resubmitted.

Many of my friends are on this same journey with me. We all write, revise, submit, attend workshops, conferences, craft fairs, and book festivals together. So glad I share this journey with such a wonderful writing family.  Blessed to know Janice, Pat, Anne, Karen, Gayle, Tom and Fran, and Dan and Peggy.

Now the writing journey: You know the purpose for this blog. Kiwi, my mini Aussie is stuck in a rut. She has tried many adventures, She has met many authors in the past several years. Some love her. Yay! Others find ways to improve her story. Ok we can deal with this. And still she has received the words “Not quite right for our company.” Not really a “rejected” note. This is something Kiwi can live with. But she did tell me she was ready to take a nap for a while.

Then there is my Hopi Indian story. A middle grade chapter book. I keep adding new chapters trying to make it a stronger story. I hope to have it done soon.

I am looking at new adventures to use for inspiration. I listen to stories told by others. I am reading memoirs of two uncles, rich with detail.

Where to start? I don’t know. Where ever my heart leads me.

May your heart lead you on a journey full of loving, tender memories. CozsKWAUkAEgoNf[1]