From an early age I remember being asked, what I wanted to be when I grew up. I would proudly without any hesitation say, I wanted to be a teacher. Finally in 1978 I achieved that dream. I was a teacher. I started what turned out to me a long career in a third grade classroom at Herndon Elementary School. (Long before the small schools unified to create Central Unified School District.) I traveled from Central Unified to Madera Unified to Golden Valley Unified. I taught children from kindergarten through sixth grade.

My teaching career spanned three decades. I retired the summer of 2010. But if you talk to my son or daughter, they’ll tell you I never retired. If you talk to my husband, he’ll tell I changed jobs. If you talk to me, I’ll say, I did retire, for a few months. Now when I meet people, I simply say that I failed retirement. I was hired last year for what I call my dream job. I work part time as a reading intervention teacher at Sierra View Elementary School, in the Golden Valley School District.

My husband, Bill and I are empty nesters. We have one cat, and one dog that belong to our daughter, Alexandra, but didn’t leave with her when she got married. We are also the proud owners of two other dogs. In all we have Kona, Kiwi, Kali, and Mystery. Guess which one is the cat.
We live in a small community not far from the cities of Madera and Fresno. We enjoy the quiet of this area. Kali and Kiwi love going for long walks around our neighborhood.

My journey started as a teacher and moves on to one of a writer.