Staring again with a new site. Why do I have a new site? Well it becomes extremely disappointing to go to my website and discover it isn't there anymore, so here I go again. 

When did I decide to start writing? That's easy, in elementary school when I almost won an award for my thoughts on America. Or was it when I waited tables and turned my orders into stories on slow nights to entertain myself and the cooks. Or was it is college when I would sit in my car between classes and write words, lines, and poems about life. Or was in in 2010 when I retired and all of a sudden I found myself wandering, not sure of what to do next with my life. 

Whatever the when I know the why. I want to entertain, to create, to read to watch children laugh and enjoy listening to stories. 

Welcome to my new revised website. I hope you find it both professional, entertaining and even a bit professional.

About Me


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I started writing after taking a class in college on Blooms Taxonomy and comprehension. My first writing projects were curriculum guides I developed for my fifth and sixth grade classes when I taught literature as opposed to a Reading/Language Arts curriculum. My favorite books were, Island of the Blue Dolphin, Where the Red Fern Grows, Bridge to Terabithia, Sounder, and Hatchet. Since then I retired and started writing professionally. 

As previously stated, I am a retired reading intervention teacher. I live with my husband, Bill, our three unique dogs, and one very old cat in Central California. I have two wonderful children and two equally wonderful granddaughters. Life is good.